Critical Transitions in Early Years PD Session – Numeracy Screeners Workshop– June 7!

We are excited to announce the sixth Professional Development session in a series from our Communities of Practice: Math Leadership, Critical Transitions, Indigenous Knowledge & Computational Modelling.

In this presentation on numeracy screeners for Kindergarten to grade 3, Heather Douglas will provide a brief review of early numeracy and the critical foundations for number learning. Using lessons learned from literacy, Heather will review what is involved in a numeracy screening program. Core considerations for selecting a screener and how to find a suitable screener will be part of the conversation.

The EMA@School is a research-based numeracy screener that has been tested with over 30 000 students. Douglas will describe this new assessment tool and, using the list of core considerations as a rubric, will assign it a grade. Spoiler alert – it’s good but needs some tweaking to earn an A+.

Facilitated, small group discussions will allow you to share your experiences and to learn from your peers. The session will close with a discussion of future plans and opportunities for you to get involved in research with the EMA@School.

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