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Resource production

  1. Actionable evidence-informed, differentiated resources.

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-5-21-09-pmBuild on partners’ existing capacities and strengths to develop actionable resources that are both creative and effective. For example, one idea is the Research-Minis resources being developed by George Gadanidis that support teachers to engage in classroom-based inquiry (see The resources script two different ways of approaching mathematics topics side-by-side, and encourage teachers to try both approaches in their classrooms and reflect on how they and their students respond to them. The target audience for these resources will be teachers; however, parents may also find these resources useful.

  1. Research Synthesis.

CoPs will engage in an ongoing synthesis of mathematics education research. There are two aims:

  • “to identify existing research knowledge and, in particular, well validated bodies of evidence such as meta-analyses, which can be used to strengthen the practices of help practitioners overcome problems of practice” (KNAER, p. 15), and
  • to align this research to recommendations in the RMS. The goal will be to produce plain language summaries of the research that will be in an accessible form for teachers, parents, and researchers.

These plain language summaries will be posted to the MKN website when available.