MKN Quarterly Volume 1, Issue 1

Math Knowledge Network QUARTERLY 1(1)


Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Math Knowledge NetworkQuarterly!

We are excited to share some of the recent work of our Communities of Practice: Math Leadership, Critical Transitions, Indigenous Knowledge & Computational Modelling.

A big thank you to Arielle Figov (MKN Coordinator) for her support in getting submissions and publishing our first issue.

George Gadanidis & Donna Kotsopoulos (MKN co-Directors)

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Indigenous Knowledge: The Youth Gathering & NASA Workshop Andy diSessa Webinars (on Computational Literacy & on AI)
Math Leadership Update: Math Minds: Transforming Mathematics Education Fireflies & Circuits at St Andrews PS, TDSB
Ann Kajander: Math Ed Forum Spotlight: Re-visioning Relationships, Resilience, and Resources Critical Transitions in Mathematics: Early Years Project & Events
Jeff Cummings: Three computational modelling initiatives at Wellington CDSB Steven Floyd: The History of the Computer Science Curriculum in Ontario


  • Math Leadership: Math Minds: Transforming Mathematics Education – February 22nd
  • Indigenous Knowledge: The Youth Gathering & NASA Workshop – mid April
  • Two Webinars by Andy diSessa (Berkeley) on Computational Literacy and on AI in Education – mid May
  • Early Years Critical Transition Team hosts a Professional Development Conference for primary teachers at Queen’s University – mid August
  • Computational Modelling at Wellington CDSB
    1. Math and Coding Workshops at St. Patrick’s Catholic School (February-May)
    2. Math and Coding Webinars for K-10 Wellington CDSB teachers (April-May)
    3. Math and Computer Science Integrated Program (on-going)