MKN leadership

CME & Fields

  • Host the MKN
  • Provide the infrastructure and organizational capacity to advance the mission of the MKN

MKN Co-Directors (Gadanidis and Kotsopoulos)

  • Liaise with the Ministry of Education
  • Liaise with the KNAER Secretariat
  • Liaise with the other newly formed knowledge networks, when necessary
  • Oversee the strategic direction of the MKN
  • Develop annual reporting structures for the CoPs and the MKNs
  • Oversee and organize the collection and dissemination of the annual reports of the CoPs
  • Chair all meetings of the MKN-AP
  • Complete annual reports of the MKN for submission to the Ministry
  • Oversee the content developed for the web pages
  • Oversee the budget – annually and over the term of the agreements
  • Engage in activities to enhance MKN and to build towards a sustainable model beyond the term
  • Oversee and build relationships with potential additional sources of funding for KM, research and outreach
  • Write funding applications
  • Liaise with the CME Co-director MKN designate about Fields related matters to be shared with Fields

CME Co-Director (Martinovic)

Fields Deputy-Director (Huang)

  • Contact and local coordinator at Fields for the MKN

MKN Executive (Gadanidis, Kotsopoulos and Martinovic)

  • Provide input on the strategic direction of the MKN
  • Review of annual reports of the MKN
  • Participate in the events of the MKN-AP

MKN Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator (Figov)

  • Provide administrative support to the MKN
  • Collect and assemble data and reports for the CoPs
  • Perform web site maintenance and updates
  • Support dissemination efforts of the MKN
  • Assist with the MKN institutes as needed
  • Perform oversight of MKN finances
  • Liaise with Fields regarding financial reporting
  • Maintain communication with CoPs
  • Perform oversight of social media
  • Perform duties as assigned related to the MKN
  • Identifying potential additional sources of funding for KM, research and outreach
  • Writing funding applications

MKN Advisory Panel (1 member from each partner organization)

  • Approval of MKN policies
  • Organize, host, and participate in the annual MKN Institute
  • Participate in the CoP and/or provide leadership to the CoPs
  • Provide input on the strategic directions
  • Encourage engagement within the CoPs
  • Encourage collaboration across the CoPs


  • Identify CoP leads/lead institutions
  • Convene meeting of CoP planning committee
  • Determine plan for populating CoP members consistent with the goals and perspectives outlined in MKN Proposal
  • Determine a plan for hiring a student/RA for the CoP
  • Oversee the work of the student/RA including submission of developed materials to the MKN Research Coordinator for posting to the web
  • Complete a plan for Annual Report of Activities
  • Establish a proposed annual budget
  • Perform fiscal oversight of the budget (in coordination with lead organization’s financial policies for reporting)
  • Conduct KMB activities
  • Collect data from the KMB activities as outlined and stipulated by the MKN-AP
  • Report annually on activities and financial expenditures