Math Leadership: Math Minds: Transforming Mathematics Education

On February 22, we are organizing a workshop at the Fields Institute, titled “Math Minds: Transforming Mathematics Education.” The goal of this day-long professional learning event is to inform, reflect upon, and provide opportunities for a robust Math Minds model to be introduced across Ontario learning communities. This event is geared toward Ontario researchers, school and board administrators, and policymakers. Presenters include Brent Davis (University of Calgary), John Mighton (JUMP Math), Tracy Solomon (University of Toronto), and Dragana Martinovic (University of Windsor). The event is funded by the Fields Institute through the General Scientific Activity grant and generously supported by the JUMP Math. We already have about 50 registered participants and are looking forward to the lively discussions.

Our partner organization, the OAME, is in a full swing of organizing webinars for mathematics educators. The so called, OAME Talks, are presented here, so if you missed any you can catch up by listening the podcasts from the provided links or download tem from iTunes or Google Play. Past webinars feature Kyle Pearce and Jon Orr, talking about “Going Deeper With Memorable Math Moments” (17.30min) and Marian Small, talking about “Teaching with Intention: Focusing on What Matters” (16min).

The upcoming webinar on Feb. 13th, 2019, 8PM EST, features Fawn Nguyen, elaborating on the question, “What if We Are Teaching Mathematics all Wrong?” In a preamble talk, Fawn mentions the three things that she considers being wrong:

  • What we teach
  • How we teach it, and
  • Why students should learn it.

Fawn’s passion is to “right the wrong” that she identified in her own practice and to help other educators to do the same.

This season of OAME webinars will finish on March 20th, 2019, 8PM EST, with Mark Chubb talking about “Building your Students’ Mathematical Intuitions.”