Indigenous Knowledge: Impact 2016 to 2019

~625 teachers/educators  ~325 students 
~12,500 students

Workshops, Conferences & Camps

  1. Indigenous Knowledge: The Youth Gathering & NASA Workshop; 40 students, 12 teachers/educators
  2. Reconciliation Through Education Conference; 280 participants
  3. Math Culture Camp; 15 participants
  4. FNMIEAO Elders Gathering; 168 teachers/educators, 40 students
  5. Fort Frances Indigenous Knowledge and Mathematics Conference

Indigenous Knowledge: The Youth Gathering & NASA Workshop, learn more about both workshops here!

Reconciliation Through Education Conference, several workshops were dedicated to the topic of Indigenous Knowledge and Mathematics.

Fort Frances Indigenous Knowledge and Mathematics Conference, work done through 7 Generations and Rainy River DSB was highlighted.

Educator Conference, several workshops showcased the work of the Indigenous Knowledge CoP

Math Culture Camp, meeting of the Indigenous Knowledge Community of Practice; Manitoulin Island.

Maple Sweet Water Program, DPCSB, six elementary classes participated from grade 6 to 8 along with community members from the Credit River Metis Council, for a total of 180 students and 17 teachers/educators.  More information is available here!

Picture on the right: One classes summary of the math they were seeing and doing through the learning.

Gaa-izhi-izhitwaawaad anishinaabeg: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, 80 students and 150 teachers

Facilitated teacher professional development, co-design, field-test coding and computational thinking lessons in Kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms. Teachers from Toronto worked with teachers and students at Mikinaak School in Onigaming First Nation and Big Grassy School in Big Grassy First Nation, including teachers and students at Mine Centre Public School (Rainy River District School Board) in Mine Centre, Ontario.

Other Resources

  • Revitalizing Star Knowledge, focusing on the Math Astronomy workshops held in April 2019. The documentary includes meetings to explore partnerships with Maori educators from New Zealand and NASA, recording Elders IK on star knowledge, and explores possible technologies (i.e. APPs, VR) to create a resource connecting the mathematics to IK Astronomy and curriculum. The documentary was shared through the CoP YouTube channel.

  • Guidelines to Engaging with Indigenous Knowledge is available on the MKN website.
  • FNMIEAO Youtube channel with video resources is available!