Indigenous Knowledge: The Youth Gathering & NASA Workshop


The Indigenous Knowledge and Mathematics CoP has organized two workshops in April 2019: Anongoohns Kendaasiwin – Revitalizing the Art and Science of Star Knowledge: A Gathering of Indigenous Knowledge, Mathematics, Science and our Youth  + Knowledge Sharing Exchange and NASA Goddard Media Studios workshop.

The Youth Gathering + Knowledge Sharing Exchange will focus on how Indigenous knowledge can inform and enhance the understanding of mathematics, astronomy and our cosmology.  This event will focus on how Indigenous Knowledge is derived from a reciprocal relationship with the land and the cosmos. Together within an immersive learning environment, Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Holders, Indigenous youth, university and K-12 educators, will engage in a collaborative learning experience that centers on the significance of Indigenous Knowledge in education.

NASA’s Goddard Media Studios will be working with the Indigenous Knowledge and Mathematics CoP to co-create a resource based on Indigenous Knowledge, astronomy, and cosmology with connections to mathematics and the sciences. NASA will be providing graphic imagery and technical design support for virtual reality based applications.  There will be a focus on advanced mathematics learning for Indigenous students, building on ways that have been identified through Indigenous technologies and design; as well as expanding the lens of educators to deepen their understanding of the benefits of integrating Indigenous “ways of knowing” into their practice.  This resource will demonstrate how Indigenous Knowledge can and should be viewed as a valuable contributor in supporting our understanding of our world and in our abilities to engage students in learning and how it can positively impact the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Please visit the FNMIEAO events page on their website for more information.