Crossing the Divide Workshop

On March 20, 2018, educators from across Ontario attended our workshop on Crossing the Divide: Exploring Critical Transition Issues from Grade 8-9 Mathematics at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. This event was organized by our Critical Transitions Community of Practice co-lead, Dr. Daniel Jarvis, who is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Nipissing University. The presentations from the day are outlined below.


Multiplying Strategies for the Divide: Adding to Our Transition Takeaways (Dr. Daniel Jarvis, Professor of Mathematics Education, Nipissing University).

Overview: This presentation highlighted findings from a qualitative research study regarding Critical Transition issues in mathematical development (specifically from Grade 8 to Grade 9). Strategies for stream/pathway decisions and student supports in elementary and secondary schools that were shared by a number of math teachers, coordinators, Guidance Counsellors, and Student Success leaders were discussed.

See the presentation slides & video.

Head Start: A Program to Help Kick Off the Semester for Incoming Grade 8 Students (Melissa Baker-Cox, Student Success & Math Teacher, Limestone District School Board).

Overview: This presentation highlighted details about how the Head Start program started and the impact it has had on Grade 8 students transitioning into Grade 9. The program was developed to build confidence, conceptual understanding, and critical thinking through active engagement in problem solving. It also outlined what good learning skills and work habits look like in high school.

See the presentation slides & video.

Choose a Path that Includes Math (CAPTIM) (Dr. Lynda Colgan, Professor of Mathematics Education, Queen’s University)

Overview: Choose a Path That Includes Math provides resources for teens and parents to use together (grades 7-12). This on-line resource equips parents and teens with resources they can use at home to guide decision-making about mathematics pathways and to support high expectations and dreams; showcases the importance of mathematics; strives to reduce math anxiety; and, reinforces the idea that math is the key that can open doors to a variety of career paths. Choose a Path That Includes Math is a web-based, engaging hub of interactive pathways, embedded videos, expert and student testimonials, successful adults speaking of how they use math every day coupled with excellent resources and links. The release of this resource is timely, as a recent Globe and Mail report of the latest PISA results called for more resources to support parent/adolescent conversation about careers.

See the presentation slides & video.

Crossing the Digital Divide with Tools and Resources (Greg Clarke, SMCDSB & Ross Isenegger, NNDSB; on assignment with OME).

Overview: Explore the resources for parents and students available at See how digital tools can bridge the content divide between Patterning and Algebra.

See the presentation slides & video.