Computational Modelling PD Session – Implementing coding in Gr. 1-9 math classrooms – June 16!

We are excited to announce the seventh Professional Development session in a series from our Communities of Practice: Math Leadership, Critical Transitions, Indigenous Knowledge & Computational Modelling.

A Collaborative Approach involving pre- and in-service teachers, numeracy consultants, and university faculty.

This past winter, 25 Niagara Catholic District School Board in-service teachers and 36 Brock University pre-service teachers worked together to prepare and implement coding and mathematics activities in Gr. 5-9 classrooms. The outcomes were richer than anticipated!

In this presentation, we describe the collaborative approach as a way of supporting the enactment of the new coding expectations in the revised Gr. 1-9 mathematics curricula. We provide a window into how the collaboration worked, including concrete examples from specific pre-service and in-service teacher teams. Key insights about implementation, grounded in their experiences, will be discussed.

To end the presentation, potential benefits of the collaboration, as well as difficulties, for all involved, will be outlined and used in presenting concrete recommendations to other numeracy consultants who may want to try a similar approach in their context.

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