Indigenous Knowledge Resources Report

Webinar Series: We Come from the Stars

The CoP offered a series of online webinars with their partners, We Come from the Stars, and comprised of six sessions being facilitated by different Indigenous Elders and scholars from around the world. Over 1,200 people registered for the series who were from a variety of communities: public and federally funded school educators and students, university faculty and students, Indigenous run organizations, First Nation community members, parents and many from the general public. As well, people registered from across the globe given the unique international guests that were presenting.

The discussions centered around how Indigenous Knowledge systems can resonate with Western science as well as physics and mathematics. The webinars were recorded and posted on FNMIEAO Youtube channel and FNMIEAO and MKN websites. These webinars are also being used in the development of a digital resource, Lessons from Earth and Beyond.

Series presenters included: Isaac Murdoch (Serpent River First Nation), Dr. Karen Recollect (University of Toronto), Tehahenteh Miller (6 Nations of the Grand River), Wilfred Buck (Opaskwayak Cree Nation, with the Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Center), Dana Nez (Dine, Navajo Nation, United States), Te Kahuratai Painting (Maori, New Zealand), Hohepa Hei (Maori, New Zealand), Dr. Juan-Carlos Chavez (NASA), Daniella Scalice (NASA). The CoP partnered with Fairchance Learning who helped to manage the coordination and technological requirements of hosting such a large event which had not been done before.

The CoP received tremendous feedback from participants and as a result will be looking at offering another series as part of their 2021 plan.

The CoP is also looking to deliver a “virtual camp” for students following a similar format and using their newly developed resource as well.

The Indigenous Knowledge page on the website had a total of 2,874 visits.

Digital Resource: Lessons from Earth and Beyond 

This year the IK CoP focused most of their resources on the development of a digital resource, Lessons from Earth and Beyond, to meet the needs of educators and students with respect to engaging in Indigenous Knowledge and Mathematics. This resource provides authentic sources of Indigenous knowledge that is focused on elementary grades with the potential to expand into secondary through future iterations of the project. Using the Indigenous connection to the stars as the main provocation and interest, the resource allows students to follow along through a storyline and engages them through a series of interactive slides, animated characters, and video content. Accompanying teacher guides indicate where curriculum alignments are, as well as additional links for additional resources and activities.