Math + Coding in Wellington CDSB

screen-shot-2017-04-30-at-9-19-30-pmIn 2016-2017, the Wellington CDSB initiated a project to incorporate computational thinking in K-8 mathematics education. One teacher from each school attended workshops and tried a variety of co-planned activities. Some examples are available here: See a short documentary below, with the song Coding is a Problem Solving Game, 5 minutes into the documentary (lyrics based on parent feedback; performed by students).

The project continues in 2017-2018, with lead teachers applying for funding available through the Math Knowledge Network to create math + CT communities of practice in their schools.

In addition, a new project starts in the Fall of 2017, with the creation of Grade 10 Mathematics and Computer Science cohort classes, where the same groups of students take both mathematics and computer science with the same teacher. See more details here:

For more information, please contact Jeff Cummings: