Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans

Continuing from our usual lesson plans for primary, junior and intermediate, we are now moving to interdisciplinary lessons with a different age group every week!

These lessons are designed to combine mathematics with other subjects such as art, science, history and many more, to promote interdisciplinary learning! Interdisciplinary learning has shown to support students learning across the various curriculum and it’s fun too!

Primary (K-3) Lesson Plans
WEEK 26 –  Overlapping Shapes     English          French

Curriculum Expectation: Sort and identify two-dimensional shapes by comparing number of sides, side lengths, angles, and number of lines of symmetry. Explain how elements and principles of design are used to communicate meaning or understanding in their own and others’ artwork. 

WEEK 27 –  Design a Mini Putt Course    English          French

Curriculum Expectation: Identify angles and classify them as right, straight, acute, or obtuse. Use a variety of materials, tools, and techniques to determine solutions to design challenges. 

WEEK 28 –  Urban Planning   English          French

Curriculum Expectation: Solve problems involving the perimeter, circumference, area, volume, and surface area of composite two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects, using appropriate formula. 

Intermediate (9) Lesson Plans
WEEK 29 –  Reducing Electricity Consumption    English          French

Curriculum Expectation: Interpret the meanings of points on scatter plots or graphs that represent linear relations.