In Remembrance: Service, Sacrifice and a Soldier Bear Named Winnie

Remembrance Day provides a singular and unifying time for everyone to remember with gratitude the service and sacrifice of our fellow Canadians who served and sacrificed their lives that we may live in a bountiful country of freedom and peace.

The 60-minute film, In Remembrance: Service, Sacrifice and a Soldier Bear Named Winnie, follows Canada’s most famous black bear, “Winnipeg Bear” nicknamed Winnie by her regiment, throughout Canada’s involvement in World War I in story and song. Suitable for viewing from Grade 3 and up, the film includes actors, singers, boys and men’s choirs in the narration of this beautiful story and ends with a discussion of how Winnie became known globally as Winnie-the-Pooh. Her transition to the infamous life in the Hundred Acre Wood came about due to the author’s experiences in WWI and teach life lessons from preschool to senescence.

The film can easily be divided into 2 sittings of about 30 minutes each. We recommend that the 2nd part be viewed on Remembrance Day as it does include The Act of Remembrance with spectacular video and drone footage of the cenotaphs all across Canada.

The creators have also developed a set of curriculum resources, following the most recent Ontario guidelines, that will provide teachers with ideas for cross-curricular learning that engage students in critical thinking across all subject disciplines.

View the trailer below:

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MKN Quarterly Volume 1, Issue 3

Math Knowledge Network QUARTERLY 1(3)

Welcome to Volume 1 Issue 3 of the Math Knowledge Network Quarterly!

The first 3 years of the Math Knowledge Network: Impact Report!

We are excited to share the  first 3 years of impact from Communities of Practice: Critical Transitions, Computational Modelling, Indigenous Knowledge & Math Leadership.

Thank you to our 36 partner organizations for their support!

George Gadanidis & Donna Kotsopoulos (MKN co-Directors)

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In this issue

Critical Transitions: 2016 to 2019

Computational Modelling: 2016 to 2019

Indigenous Knowledge: 2016 to 2019

Math Leadership: 2016 to 2019


MKN October 2018 Updates

It was a busy summer for the MKN and our CoPs! Read our latest updates here to find out what our CoPs have been up to, explore recently added resources, and learn how you can get involved.

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NEW Indigenous Knowledge CoP Video Series!

A NEW Video Series is now available from our Indigenous Knowledge Community of Practice! The videos highlight the significance of Indigenous Knowledge in mathematics, provide several examples of Anishinaabe educators, and demonstrate how land-based learning and language help develop spatial reasoning skills. Please share the flyer below widely, and check out the videos at!

For an overview of the IK CoP, check out their new Flyer below! For more information, visit their page at

Indigenous Knowledge CoP Updates!

As a large part of their work in Year 2, the Indigenous Knowledge & Mathematics Education Community of Practice (IK CoP) plans to further knowledge mobilization by creating a collaborative workspace on TeachOntario and by developing a series of videos that showcase their work. Click the image below to see their new video trailer on TeachOntario!

To access and discuss IK CoP resources/materials, be sure to login and follow their page on TeachOntario.

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