Computational Modelling at Wellington CDSB

Three Computational Modelling Initiatives at Wellington CDSB

The Wellington Catholic District School Board has been working to integrate a variety of coding approaches as a way of modelling mathematics concepts and processes.

Math and Coding Elementary Workshops at St. Patrick’s Catholic School  (March to May) 

The workshops will focus on the mathematics classroom and integration of computational modelling. The teachers participating will be provided with professional learning on engaging students in doing and learning mathematics through aesthetically-rich, technology-enriched, arts-informed math experiences. Activity development will focus on the intersection of math, the arts, science and technology. Hands on learning activities will be constructed that focus on Artificial Intelligence, Civilization while the activities explored include coding apps, stories, and connecting literacy to math, as well as science and social studies.  

Math and Coding Webinars for K-10 Wellington CDSB teachers (April-May) 

A webinar series is being developed for K to Grade 10 teachers on sample coding activities which teachers can attempt in the classroom. Math + Coding activities will be constructed and modelled for participating teachers for next day classroom application. Participating teachers will receive resources including: 

  • Coding For Young Mathematicians (Grade 1-8) 
  • Modelling Math With Code (Grade 6-10) 
  • Animal Farm Storybook 
  • Symmetry Storybook 

We are excited to try the Webinar approach to professional development, to supplement our other professional development approaches.

Grade 10 Math + Computer Science Integrated Program (April to May) 

The Grade 10 Math + Coding Course will focus on professional learning to create shareable resources including lessons and culminating activities which apply principles of computational thinking and mathematical modelling using Scratch, Python and other computer science languages. A focus will be on working with other high school teachers at St. James High School to learn about and develop Coding activities which can be integrated in other high school mathematics courses.

This program has been in place for two years, with tremendous response from students and teachers. Please see more details here.