knowledge mobilization (KNAER)



The MKN is a KNAER Phase 2 project. The KNAER has made tremendous progress in knowledge mobilization in Ontario and the MKN will work closely with the KNAER Secretariat to build on this progress and further contribute to the education sector. The KNAER Secretariat includes co-directors Dr. Carol Campbell Dr. Katina Pollock, and knowledge mobilization managers Shasta Carr-Harris and Kelly Bairos.

KNAER sees building system-wide capacity for knowledge mobilization as including the following key strategies:

  • Developing and expanding networks to share and apply knowledge
  • Building capacity for mobilizing knowledge and use of evidence
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for practitioners and researchers to connect and engage with evidence as well as each other
  • Engaging in and sustaining interactive activities for knowledge co-creation and sharing
  • Producing, drawing on and utilizing actionable resources to share and apply knowledge
  • Engaging leaders at every level of the system to model and champion knowledge mobilization practices

For KNAER knowledge mobilization resources, see their website

To learn more about how KNAER can help MKN communities of practice, check out the KNAER Secretariat Support and Services.

Have a question about how KNAER can help you and your CoP? Contact Kelly Bairos, KNAER Knowledge Mobilization Manager, at