research mini overview

RESEARCH MINIS – AN OVERVIEW (get this info as a single-page PDF)

A research mini is a side-by-side comparison of two different pedagogical approaches for the same content topic.

For example, look at the two different approaches to the topic of Area Representations of Fractions at


The goal is not to show that one approach is better than the other. Often, students benefit from seeing a topic through various approaches and perspectives.

The goal is to showcase a new approach that you have designed that you feel is worth sharing, and to compare it to an approach that educators have likely seen before.

The audience for a research mini are educators. They are busy people who are looking for cool ideas to try out in their classrooms.

Here are some suggestions for designing these side-by-side comparisons:

  1. Show them as classroom dialogues, with speech bubbles.
  2. Use stick figures to represent generic students / teachers.
  3. Give educators enough information to be able to try each approach in their classroom.
  4. Be as succinct as possible.

You will find more examples of research minis at