mathematics leadership


A major emphasis and requirement of the Renewed Math Strategy in Ontario is the development of school-based math leaders. These “math teacher leads” are identified in their school and may or may not have a formal mathematical background. Some of these teacher leads may have taken up the opportunity provided by the Ministry of Education to take additional qualifications in mathematics. While these courses provide opportunities to enhance practice, they do not fully address the ways in which to then take this knowledge and mobilize it in ways to enhance practices throughout a school. These new math lead teachers are also simultaneously a new leadership role/partner for school administrators. The ways in which this relationship is negotiated to support the advancement of mathematics education and student achievement is in its infancy. The aim of this CoP is to develop powerful models for supporting school-based mathematics leaders to support teachers to advance their mathematics teaching practice and mathematical content knowledge which should ultimately enhance student achievement. This CoP will take a cross-panel perspective and include secondary and elementary school-based mathematics leaders.