Math Knowledge Network QUARTERLY Issue 1

Math Knowledge Network QUARTERLY 1(1)

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Math Knowledge Network Quarterly!

We are excited to share some of the recent work of our Communities of Practice: Math Leadership, Critical Transitions, Indigenous Knowledge & Computational Modelling.

A big thank you to Arielle Figov (MKN Coordinator) for her support in getting submissions and publishing our first issue.

George Gadanidis & Donna Kotsopoulos (MKN co-Directors)

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In this issue

Indigenous Knowledge: The Youth Gathering & NASA Workshop

Andy diSessa Webinars (on Computational Literacy & on AI)

Math Leadership Update: Math Minds: Transforming Mathematics Education

Fireflies & Circuits at St Andrews PS, TDSB

Ann Kajander: Math Ed Forum Spotlight: Re-visioning Relationships, Resilience, and Resources

Critical Transitions in Mathematics: Early Years Project & Events

Jeff Cummings: Three computational modelling initiatives at Wellington CDSB

Steven Floyd: The History of the Computer Science Curriculum in Ontario

Upcoming Events

  • Two Webinars by Andy diSessa (Berkeley) on Computational Literacy and on AI in Education – mid May
  • Early Years Critical Transition Team hosts a Professional Development Conference for primary teachers at Queen’s University – mid August
  • Computational Modelling at Wellington CDSB
    1. Math and Coding Workshops at St. Patrick’s Catholic School (February-May)
    2. Math and Coding Webinars for K-10 Wellington CDSB teachers (April-May)
    3. Math and Computer Science Integrated Program (on-going)