Computational Modelling at St. Andrews PS, TDSB: Artificial Intelligence and Civilization

In December 2018, the Computational Thinking CoP published two reports by Iain Brodie, Cast a Wide Net: AI, robotics, coding, math, social studies and Modelling Civilization: Coding, Making, Math , focused on STEM learning at St Andrews Public School, TDSB. The CoP has continued to build on these concepts in the classrooms through puzzles, stories and videos through the EduApps website.  Watch the classroom videos published by George Gadanidis (Western) & Janette Hughes (UOIT) on Civilizations and Artificial Intelligence!

Cast a Wide Net at St Andrews PS, TDSB: AI, robotics, coding, math, social studies (December 2018).  Sometimes, in order to learn about specific things, you have to approach it from many angles. Students are about to embark on a journey that will take in literature, communication, mathematics, coding, engineering, making, and most importantly – thinking. Read the report by Iain Brodie to learn what the grade sevens at St. Andrews Public School are about to do with artificial intelligence.

Modelling Civilization at St Andrews PS, TDSB: Coding, Making, Math (December 2018). Whether it is  playing with and learning about infinity and limit, abstracting number patterns to find the nth term, or in our current case, modelling civilization mathematically with code, even our youngest students are capable of incredible feats of thinking and learning.  Read the report by Iain Brodie to see how grade 3 students model their own civilizations in the classroom.