Helping Teachers and Students Learn Online

Supporting teachers, parents and students with online learning during COVID-19 uncertainty 

A partnership between the STEAM-3D Maker Lab & Mathematics Knowledge Network 
Students across Ontario are out of school until at least May 11th, but they need to keep learning. Given that online learning directives and access to computing technology and web-based educational resources is unique to each school district, Dr. Janette Hughes and her STEAM-3D Maker Lab are developing tailored teaching and learning sessions to support teachers, parents, and students in this transition to e-learning.

First, Dr. Hughes’ team have begun developing a variety of synchronous teacher professional development sessions for the Google Meet video-conferencing platform. The first three sessions (‘Online Making’, ‘e-Learning Teaching Tips & Strategies for Grades 7-12’, ‘e-Learning Teaching Tips & Strategies for Grades K-6’) filled to capacity in less than 24 hours, indicating a need for this kind of professional learning. However, the demand is greater than the capacity to meet it, and the current model is unsustainable.

The STEAM-3D Maker Lab has also begun offering free weekly sessions (synchronous or asynchronous, depending on board guidelines) for teachers and their classes. These sessions will be co-developed with teachers to provide engaging, interdisciplinary, hands-on learning activities. The first session, facilitated on April 16th (‘Math and Making with TinkerCAD’) for two junior classes and their teachers, received positive feedback in regard to the session’s social and educational impact.

Finally, Dr. Hughes and her team will be producing short, educational videos on the use of various digital tools and resources. Designed to assist teachers and parents, each video will feature a brief introduction to the tool, as well as ideas for integration with mathematics and other curricular subject areas.

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