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Math Q & A — for Ontario Math Teacher Test


The Ontario government has mandated that all new teachers will need to pass a test, of which 70% will be on mathematics knowledge up to Grade 11.

EQAO is tasked to create the test, which will in due course provide a sample test.

In the meantime, you may want to look at what previous math tests EQAO has created. Below are links to the last 2 EQAO Grade 9 Math Tests:

If you have a math content question related to one of these tests, please email George Gadanidis at ggadanid@uwo.ca.

Below are some of the questions we have answered so far.


Linear relationships

First differences


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What does it mean to use “first differences” to determine which of the 4 tables shown at right represent non-linear relationships?



See this page – http://mkn-rcm.ca/first-differences/

Area, perimeter, surface area, volume

Variables in and area formulas


The area of the blue rectangle, without the white square, is 125 sq. cm. What is the side length (x) of the white square?


See this page – http://mkn-rcm.ca/area-and-variables/



More coming soon …